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We Are The Best And Qualitative Trainers on APP-V 5.2 SEQUENCER And APP-V 5.2 SERVER and APP-V 5.2 CLIENT.

We Are Providing the Training on APP-V 5.2 SEQUENCER And APP-V 5.2 SERVER And APP-V 5.2 CLIENT Training In-Depth Level of Theory And Real Time Practical Knowledge…

Application Virtualization (APP-V) Course Online And Class Room Training Institute:

APP- V Means Application Virtualization Also Known as APP-V Formally know as Microsoft Soft Grid. it is a Applications Virtualization And Applications Streaming Solutions from Microsoft.

APP-V it contains 3 Key Components :





APP-V SEQUENCER is used for Sequencing or Converting the Legacy ( Setup.EXE’S ) Applications in to Virtual Packages (Like : .ICO, .OSD, .SFT, .SPRJ, .MSI’S). These Virtual packages (Like : .ICO, .OSD, .SFT, .SPRJ, .MSI’S) are the Operating System In-Dependent Applications. Any version of the Operating System this Virtual packages Run with out any Problems. As well as will Run same Applications Different versions at the same Computer. Will apply the Company Standards to that Applications. Easily will do Updates to the Virtual packages.

Using this APP-V Packages (Virtual Packages) will Resolve the Compatibility Issue from the Applications. This is the Major Advantage in APP-V Packages (Virtual Packages)….


APP-V SERVER is used for “Deployment” of the Virtual Packages.  it Means using the APP-V SERVER will Deploy APP-V Packages (Virtual Packages) from a APP-V SERVER to All the Client Computers (Work Stations).

APP-V SERVER Sending the packages or Applications from a APP-V server to all the Client Computers (Like : Work Stations or Client Computers or user Computers )…


APP-V Client is Test Computer. After APP-V SEQUENCER is Completing the Sequencing will get the Sequencing out put files (Virtual Packages Like : .ICO, .OSD, .SFT, .SPRJ, .MSI’S ). These Out Put Files we need to Deliver to the Client (Vendor). But …Before deliver the Virtual packages to the vendor / Client ..We need do the Test…. Means ; We Need to Deploy That Sequencing Out Put In the APP-V SERVER. That APP-V Server it will Distribute the Source in to APP-V Client. It Means ; APP-V Client will get Applications Shortcut icon on the Desktop.

User Double Click on that Icon…..Immediately that Application it will Run in to APP-V Client with out INSTALLING. This is a Major Advantage in the Virtual (APP-V) Packages….

Note : Every Software Company is U-turn to Virtualization Technologies…….

Contact For Training : +91 – 9963044761 , 9963043716.
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