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What is Application Packaging :

Application Packaging is a One of the Most Useful and Advanced Level of Software Management Tasks for IT Departments. In order to Maintain a Stable and Productive to End -user Environments.

Desktop Applications Must Work as a Expected, Be Configured and Updated to the Required Level and Available from a Different Platforms in a Consistent And Dependable manner.

Application Packaging is used to Create a Bundles of Applications And Operating Systems in to a Single Files called as a Distributions Unit (.MSI) , Which Makes it Easier to Deploy and Install them on User Computers.

This Results in an Application Packaging , Which Provides the Product with New Capabilities like ; Advertised Features without Installing them, Installs products on On-Demand mode, And User Customization.

Once will convert Legacy Packages in to Windows Installers (MSI Packages) Packages by Default it will get Some In-Build Features, Like Easy to Deploy, Rollback, Self-Healing, Self-Repair, Advertising, Installation On-Demand Etc… It Means All MSI (Windows Installers) Packages it will Support for Deployment and Rollback, Self-healing, Self-Repair, Advertising, Installation On-Demand Etc….

Application Packaging is the Action of Modifying or Re-Creating an Existing Packages to meet Business and Administrative Requirements Such as :

1. Automated Central Deployment…..

2. Applications Configurations……

3. Automatic Ticensing…..

4. Standardisation….

5. Convert “Legacy” Executable packages……

6. Installing Automatically at source uploading to FTP…

7. Configure Installation Options and Install Automatically…..

8. Install and Configure Application Manually through remote desktops…..

Challenges of Application packaging :

1. Efforts ::

1. From 8 to 40 Man/Hours Spent per package ….

2. 60% Routine Operations….

2. Utilization ::

1. Application packaging Workload is very Volatile….

2. Vary from 20% Overload to 50% Under load…

3. Every week 2 to 3 Packages we need Deliver to client….

3. Application Updates ::

1. Popular Applications are Released 10 to 20 Times per Year…

2. High Cost of keeping Applications up to date being Deployed to Thousand of PC’s………….

Wise Package Studio

Wise Package Studio is a software management solution that supports the needs of application integration teams. Wise Package Studio provides a complete set of tools to support every phase of the application integration life cycle, including repackaging, package quality assurance, and release management.

Use Wise Package Studio to:

  • Improve the reliability of software installations. Wise Package Studio provides the processes and tools to effectively test an application prior to mass deployment, which reduces support costs and increases end user productivity.
  • Enable faster and more reliable software rollouts by streamlining the process of preparing applications for distribution. Wise Package Studio accomplishes this through its project management tools and built-in processes that incorporate industry best practices.
  • Support organizational standardization. Wise Package Studio employs a repeatable, scalable process that helps standardize your application integration tasks. Its complete editing capabilities let you customize the way software is installed.
  • Achieve a greater return on your Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 investment. Wise Package Studio provides complete capabilities for migrating applications to Windows Installer format, and customizing and validating Windows Installer packages.
  • Manage every package used in your organization through each of its life cycle phases, whether it is undergoing customization, in production, or retired.

Install-Shield Admin-Studio :

One Software Deployment Tool for Reliable Application Packaging, Virtualization, Windows Migrations and Mobile Application Management. Admin Studio provides enterprise IT teams with the most advanced application packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for software deployment with a complete set of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing and reporting capabilities. Proven in benchmark tests to decrease application preparation time by up to 70%, Admin Studio software application manager hands off packages to leading software deployment tools.

IT professionals have always had to adapt to change, but it is increasingly important in today’s digital business to keep applications continually updated and ready to deploy in any environment. Admin Studio automates application preparation to fix and package reliable enterprise applications for continuous and predictable deployment tools.

Improve Quality of Service and Streamline Service Delivery

  • Cut MSI packaging time by up to 70%
  • Repackage applications for Windows Installer (MSI)
  • Create and edit MSI installations, patches and transforms
  • Advanced MSI packaging, customization, and authoring with Install Shield

Decrease Risk and Embrace New Technologies Faster

  • Increase stability and reliability of applications and computing platforms.
  • Manage applications with a predictable and repeatable automated process.
  • Future-proof against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology.

Improve Efficiency with a Central Application Repository

  • Centrally manage packages, metadata, and source media.
  • Application centric management enables side-by-side organization of packages for all client computing environments.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards include high-level statistics, a list of modified packages and recent catalog management activity.

Contact For Training : +91 – 9963044761 , 9963043716.
Contact Mail ID :